In 1963, Barry Sterman first documented epilepsy while working with the EEG fingerprint of the brain and it’s designated functions.

He then used Neurofeedback in the treatment of epilepsy based on its operant conditioning effect. Neurofeedback therapists have since treated thousands of patients with good results in epilepsy (Sterman, Finley, Lubar), ADD ( Alhambra, Barabasz, Dobbins, Fehmi, Lubar) and Parkinson’s (Pozzi, Santos).

Margaret Ayers who worked with Sterman has presented a great number of cases including some comatose, since 1978, treated by her with Neurofeedback training with success (Ayers, 1987,1991,1997). The number of publications increases every year with the addition of increasingly centres offering Neurofeedback and reporting their positive results.

In Greece we use NF and QEEG in our institute since 2002.